People have joked for decades that guys who drive luxury or sports cars or huge trucks were overcompensating for having a small penis, well now there is proof.

Daily Mail has the result of a new survey that asked guys with luxury or sports cars to describe their manhood. 30% said they were above average, 63% said they were average, and 6% said they were smaller than average.

They also asked women to describe their man's penis if he drove a sports or luxury car, and the results were way different.

Only 12% said their man was above average, 46% said average, and 42% said their man was smaller than average.  This means at least 2 out of 5 guys driving a luxury or sports car are overcompensating.

The survey also asked women that were with guys driving regular cars to describe the size of their manhood.  Only 23% said their guy was smaller than average.