When you hear about someone stealing a baseball bat, it’s easy to quickly assume it’s a kid who is excited to play ball. Unfortunately, as you see in the pictures that have been shared by the Tyler, Texas Police Department these two are not kids, they are grown adults that decided to steal not one but five baseball bats from a local sporting goods store. 

The details were released in the Tyler Police “Find Em Friday” post because the need the public’s help trying to identify this pair of thieves. The theft took place at Dick’s Sporting Goods located at 4701 South Broadway in Tyler. The information that has been given so far doesn’t describe how the pair was able to sneak five baseball bats out the front door without being caught but regardless these guys need to face their punishment. 

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The Stolen Baseball Bats in Tyler, TX Were Not Cheap 

If you have any kids that play baseball you know that baseball bats are not cheap and when these guys were stealing bats they didn’t go for the cheap ones. This pair of thieves stole five Easton Ghost Advanced baseball bats with a total value over $2,300. With the value being so high, there will be some serious charges waiting for these suspects once they are identified. 

Tyler Police Need Your Help Identifying These Thieves 

If you have any information on who these suspects are or where they can be located Detective Thomas with the Tyler Police Department would love to chat with you. His phone number is 903-531-1035 or you can contact the Tyler/Smith County Crimestoppers at 903-597-2833. 

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