This past weekend was not a good one for Southwest Airlines after they had to cancel many flights, things are back to normal but how did this impact the Permian Basin?

According to NewsWest 9, the impact is not likely to be very significant since Midland/Odessa is not even close to being a vacation destination.

"As far as an economic driver, it’s not a huge driver," said Mickey Cargile, President of Cargile Investment Management. "We are not a tourist destination. People come out here to work. So it can have a short-term impact on the workforce available, but as far as economic impact, it is very small."

If you are a lifer here in Midland/Odessa, you remember the failed "Desert World" which was supposed to be a mid-continent division of Disney amusement parks, if that had happened back in the late '80s and early '90s, then this past weekend would have possibly had an impact on us here in the Basin.

But we do not have "Desert World" so the cancelations were just more of an inconvenience than anything.

"The inconvenience factor is really the biggest factor for us," said Cargile. "You have to really think about it if you’re going to say, Dallas, for the weekend, and you’re planning to come back on that last flight, and you don’t make it home to go to work Monday morning. That could be a problem for you."

But Southwest Airlines got things back to normal and no more cancelations as of Wednesday.

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