The internet. The land where you never really know what will catch on.

It's a place where the onion-cabbage debate rages on, but it's also a place where an inane stunt like this takes off.

This fellow spent about a year tossing eggs at his mother when she didn't know they were coming. Yup, that's it. And the internet loves it.

The mom does an egg-cellent job holding on to most of the eggs coming her way in this egg-tremely silly and over-easy-to-pull-off stunt.

And if the mother is disappointed in her son's immature ways, she should look at the bright sunny side: her kid is pretty persistent and is determined to finished what he started.

And you'd think after a few months of dealing with this, the mother would be so nervous around her son she'd be walking on eggshells (rim shot, please).

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