For years, Sixx: A.M. existed almost completely as a studio band, but with the release of their last two albums the group has existed more as a touring act and we get to see how they've developed in the new video for "We Will Not Go Quietly" from their upcoming Prayers for the Blessed, Vol. 2 disc.

In the video above, viewers are first treated to a bit of soundcheck as James Michael, Nikki Sixx and DJ Ashba work out the song with their drummer and backing vocalists before hitting the stage. Then we get to see their result of their efforts as the band delivers the anthemic rocker to the delight of the crowd, culminating with a bang of an ending. Watch it all play out in the video above.

Bassist Nikki Sixx says the band came off of their 2015 touring really energized and it helped infuse the album. "We really found ourselves onstage and it’s influencing the way we write,” says Sixx. "We started focusing on our music not only as songwriters and lyricists but also stayed conscious of what would transfer over live to the audience.”

Prayers for the Blessed, Vol. 2 is the second part of the wealth of material the band worked on throughout 2015. The first part, Prayers for the Damned, Vol. 1, arrived earlier this year and the group has put in plenty of stage time promoting that effort throughout this year. With "We Will Not Go Quietly," Sixx: A.M. are starting to dig into the forthcoming release which is on schedule for a Nov. 18 release via Eleven Seven Music. Pre-order information for the new album can be found here and stay up to date with Sixx: A.M.'s touring at this location.

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