It wasn't even two weeks ago Hurricane Harvey was wreaking havoc on Texas and the Gulf Coast. This past weekend we've had Hurricane Irma take it's toll on the Caribbean and the state of Florida. Still having difficulty wrapping your brain around the size and impact of Irma? Here are some stats to help out with that.

  • Hurricane Irma spent 3 days as category 5 hurricane. No other hurricane has sustained that kind of strength for that long. Ever.
  • For over 37 hours, Irma has sustained winds of over 185 miles per hour.
  • On top of the strength of the storm, Irma is huge. It measures almost 400 miles wide.
  • Over 6 million people have been ordered to evacuate Florida.
  • Around 26 million people will be affected by Hurricane Irma, maybe more.
  • Katrina was the most expensive hurricane to hit the US, causing over $80 billion in damage. A lot of different numbers have been thrown out between Harvey and Irma, but the consensus is that they will both be most costly than Katrina, with each storm topping the $120 billion mark.
  • The is the first time in recorded history that the US has had two category 4 storms or higher hit the continental United States.

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