Rent in the Midland Odessa area is ALREADY outrageous. Landlords here think that everyone works in the oil field, therefore they can charge exorbitant amounts for the monthly rent because clearly, everyone who lives here should be able to afford it. WRONG. Everyone here CAN'T work in the oil field because then who's going to work at our area gas stations, restaurants, banks, doctors and dentist offices, malls and stores--you name it? Cities cannot function without a diverse workforce in every facet of life. We need people scattered all over the career spectrum to make an area functional. If everyone is working in oil, then there's nowhere to buy food or gas or do pretty much anything else. So--STOP making it unaffordable to live here!!!!!

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On top of that--you have the fact that people love their animals. And there are a lot of pet surrenders at area animal shelters due to the outrageous pet deposits people can't afford, in addition to extra monthly charges if you have a pet. I just today heard a landlord in Midland was asking $800 for a pet deposit. WOW. Really?!?!?!?!?!?! THAT is out of control RIDICULOUS. This is why when you go to an animal shelter here, you'll see that they are full to capacity and have no place for these sweet babies to go. No one here can afford it. So I think Mayor Joven in Odessa and Mayor Payton in Midland need to sponsor a bill to their respective City Councils to put a CAP on what landlords can charge renters for pet deposits (and it shouldn't exceed $300). Are you reading this gentlemen? I hope so. Animals bring people love and joy in their lives. And the citizens/residents of this area shouldn't be treated as criminals who aren't going to take care of their pets and let them cause damage. They shouldn't be forced to give their pets up because they can't afford RIDICULOUS pet deposits. Let's help ease the burden of area shelters and help the people who live here hold on to their furry family members. What do you say?

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