Listener Wrote - Look, I'm, sorry but I went on 4 dates with this girl and I had to call it off. She is not into food. Barely picked at her food on all 4 dates and really was not into even into me taking her to other restaurants. I finally told her, Sorry this is not going to work out because of the food thing and she said I was SHALLOW. Really, Am I'm the shallow one?


She probably doesn't enjoy the company too much? ‍♂️

You knew it wasn't for you and you were honest about it with her, and she still called you shallow. Smh. You can't win for losing! You dodged a bullet. Count your blessings. Lol

Ray Ray
Dude, your lost. You do know that it's a thing that women will not eat on the first many dates while dating someone? Why is food so important to you? Get to know her.

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