It’s Sevendust’s turn to be transported into purgatory to answer the Metal God’s questions from his dressing room in Hell! Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery and vocalist Lajon Witherspoon join Judas Priest’s legendary singer for an episode of ‘Rob Halford’s Rapid Fire.’

When Rob Halford isn’t screaming for vengeance onstage, he desires appropriate responses to essential metal questions. Sevendust were willing to be judged by the Metal God, so they answered his questions to the best of their ability.

Sevendust respond to questions like “What is your favorite metal band?” and “Who are your greatest musical influences?” Clint Lowery even reveals that Judas Priest was the first ever metal show he attended at the young age of 9 years old. Lowery’s parents were cool enough to let him see a few songs by Priest way back when, and the Metal God salutes them for it.

Perhaps the most entertaining portion of this ‘Rapid Fire’ segment is when Lajon talks about his first ever live performance. It was an elementary school talent show where Lajon played an original song called “My Buddies.” Admittedly, it wasn’t very good (Rob Halford concurs) but Lajon still had fun with his buddies back in the day.

Check out the Sevendust edition of ‘Rob Halford’s Rapid Fire’ above!

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