Could the cold war be over? To see that things have been chilly between Eddie Van Halen and former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar over the last decade-plus is a bit of an understatement. But with Eddie Van Halen celebrating his 61st birthday on Tuesday, Hagar reached out to wish him well and Eddie responded in kind.

As Van Halen News Desk pointed out, Hagar tweeted a photo of he and Eddie performing together with the message, "Happy Birthday Eddie -- hope you're doing good" with the hashtags #5150 #BestOfBothWorlds. Eddie responded back, "Thanks Sammy. Hope you're well too." Check out both tweets below:

While birthday greetings are not anything out of the norm, the fact that the two have spoken is a major development. The pair had reportedly not spoken directly to each other since the band's tumultuous 2004 reunion tour, which had been their first time playing together since the group parted ways with Hagar in 1996. After Hagar's exit, the band recorded an album with Gary Cherone as the vocalist.

In Hagar's autobiography, he shared details about Van Halen's health and alcoholism issues, something that did not sit well with the guitarist and widened the divide between the onetime bandmates. Hagar stated, "What happened on that reunion tour in ’04 was some of the most miserable, back-stabbing dark crap I’ve ever been involved with my whole life."

Though they've not spoken directly, there have been some shots traded via interviews. Van Halen have released an album with David Lee Roth in the years since, but recent rumors suggested that a "Van Hagar" reunion was a possibility. However, bassist Michael Anthony, who has played primarily with Hagar since the divide, denied that a reunion was a possibility.

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