We'd like to help local businesses and workers as much as possible. This is a really hard time for all of us and it's going to take a community effort for us all to come out of this. I think we can do it, and I'd like to do my part. We'd like to advertise your business on social media free of charge. No tricks, no expectations, nothing. We just want to help our local businesses have a fighting chance. Please contact us via our station's Facebook messenger. Drop your business name, hours of operation, phone number, and a website if you have one but ONLY IF YOU ARE STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS. We are going to re-post a list everyday via social media, of businesses still available to serve the patrons of the Permian Basin. All of our followers can use this as a guide to help them find the services and goods they're looking for. It's a win/win for everyone.

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