I know most of us have a favorite lead vocalist from an era gone by that is still on the road and no matter what you won't miss the show but have you ever went to see that favorite older band and cringed when they cracked the mic, and for the entire rest of the show you find yourself feeling sorry for them and wish you could just let them know how much you love them and that you appreciate the fact that they still want to hit the road and bring you the rock that you love but through no real fault of their own they are just not the vocalist they were.  I know from personal experience I have heard this more times than I would have ever liked to have heard whether it be Ozzy, David Lee Roth or Joe Elliott is always so cringe worthy, it's a lot like your child performing and even if they are terrible you still have to support them because you love them.  With all this being said what favorite artist of yours have you been disappointed in but no matter how bad it was you would still give them all the support and love they deserve?