I have been friends with Rick for a few years now and he is one of the guys that I respect in the business if not for his talent but for his uncompromising attitude towards the business.

With their latest single, "Ready for War" climbiing the charts Adelitas Way is proving once again that doing things their way works all without major label support both in the studio and on the road

Rick DeJesus, lead vocalist for the band has never been one to apologize or ask for forgiveness for either his opinion or for doing things his way for the band.  In todays world of music you truly have to take the reigns of your career and Rick certainly takes control.

Adelitas Way is currently in the studio working on new album, to be titled Notorius and I am sure that I will everything we want and expect from the band.

So to hear more and get a little insight on my friend Rick DeJesus just take a listen



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