One activity that many in East Texas will be doing this month is going to a haunted house. Whether its the jump scares or walking through a pitch black room or being chased by a chainsaw wielding clown they are always a lot of fun. What makes a haunted house attraction even better is if the attraction itself is really haunted. That's the case for Reindeer Manor Halloween Park in Red Oak, Texas just south of Dallas. Let's learn the grisly story behind this property.

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Grisly Story of Reindeer Manor Halloween Park

This story begins in 1910. The owners had been leasing out the property to area farmers. Tragically, the house where some people were staying on the property burned down, killing everyone inside. The owner did start to rebuild on the exact spot of the old house. That owner committed suicide before the house was finished. The owner's son, Matt, took over the rebuild. Matt ended up poisoning his wife before he committed suicide in the barn on the property.

What's Been Experienced by Many

Many ghostly encounters have happened on the property. Workers have been pushed against a wall and choked, an attic light will turn on and off, random footsteps, overheard arguments when no one is around and a shadow man with no face that walks the property.

The Spirits Could Get Angry

This is also believed to be the oldest haunted house in the entire country. Reindeer Manor Halloween Park is going into it's 49th season this year. Sadly, this will be the last year on the current property as the owners have sold it. The house, barn and other buildings are expected to be torn down and other structures to be built. Something tells me this will only make the haunts worse.

East Texas has it's Own Haunted Haunted House

Reindeer Manor Halloween Park is not the only haunted house attraction to visit that is actually haunted. World of Khaos in Tyler is believed to be occupied by a couple of demons and a little girl who hides from them. Plus its a fantastic haunted house to check out every year.

Its the spooky season so we get to hear more and more of these ghost tales. Whether you believe in them or not is up to you.


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