Have Red Hot Chili Peppers traveled back in time to the '70s? Not exactly, but the band's new video "Go Robot" does deliver a pretty amazing homage to the '70s disco classic, Saturday Night Fever.

In the video, seen above, Anthony Kiedis appears as a scantily clad white body-painted "robot," walking the streets of Brooklyn until he spots a local dance competition and decides to investigate. There, he runs into several of his Chili Peppers bandmates donning their best '70s duds, as well as an intriguing woman played by Stephanie Crousillat who appears to be his equal as they take in the dancing around them and become the centerpiece of the the clip.

The band shot the video over two days in Brooklyn with director Thoranna Sigurdardottir, and though not exactly a shot-for-shot recreation, it's clear that Saturday Night Fever was a huge inspiration, with the band and the director even using some of the same locations as the original movie.

"Go Robot" is featured on the Chili Peppers latest album, The Getaway, which debuted at No. 1 earlier this summer. The band has been on tour supporting the effort and you can see where they'll be playing by checking out their dates here.

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