One very lucky Texan bought an extremely rare, never issued "moving" Harry Potter movie poster for a record-breaking $18,000. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is not only my favorite book in the series, the movie and their casting of Sirius Black didn't let me down. Gary Oldham was able to bring to life the caring compassion of Harry's doting godfather along with the reckless and daring personality Sirius was known for in the books. Not to mention the story of Harry finally finding family to be accepted with and loved really hit the heart.

A man in Texas must have felt the same way, because he dropped down a whopping $18,000 on a rare movie poster for the film. The "moving" poster has the Sirius Black Wanted poster on it and shows Black flailing around in shackles. Only 6 of these poster prototypes were made for the 2014 film. The price tag for the moving poster made it the World's Most Valuable Harry Potter Movie Poster ever sold, according to Heritage Auctions in Dallas. It sold for more than six times higher than the initial lowest estimate for its value. Heritage Auctions has sold other Harry Potter memorabilia for some major bucks including the chair J.K. Rowling wrote the first two books on and a rare 1st edition copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The man who purchase the poster, only known as Mr. Fox, has bought other rare Harry Potter merchandise and discussed his newest acquirement,

"It was certainly a very unique piece, there only being six in the world, and it was such a memorable piece from the Harry Potter movie series. Anyone who has seen the movie immediately remembers that scene and poster. Our intent is to frame it, put it up and share it. It was my daughter's favourite series. She was in second grade when she first read the original Harry Potter book and since then she's been a huge fan. Because of her I became a huge fan too."

The poster prototypes were made by Warner Brothers but it was decided that the posters would be too expensive to mass produce for the films release and the project was scrapped.

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