Ok. The Mega Millions drawing this Friday is over a billion dollars!  The jackpot ranks at number four on the biggest prize list. Here's how to pick the numbers and what to do after  you win.

Ok - now a dose of reality - The odds to win - 1 in 302 million.  However as the  "Mr. Positive" in our suite, I gotta use Jim Carrey's famous quote from Dumb and Dumber - "So you're saying there's a chance!"

Sooooo... let's pick winning numbers first...


Ok, let's give you a few option on picking those winners...there are five types of numbers I classify being used to pick...

1. EMOTIONAL NUMBERS - Emotional numbers are made up of non-birthday days of importance. Wedding date or Day of Life-Saving surgery are just some of the examples of of emotional numbers. These numbers (in my opinion) usually end being the most consistently played numbers because people feel there is a emotional connection that means something deeper. Thus, people tend to think they could also bring luck.

2. BIRTHDAYS - Your birthday, parents birthdays, kids birthdays are probably the most popular of all the number filled out on a Powerball game slip.  I tend to play with the birthdays of deceased relatives if a drawing falls upon their birthday.  This tactic is my "heavenly help" theory that hasn't panned out yet...but it will. Feel free to use.

3. PATTERNS - Some people choose their number based upon patterns. For example, a mother may choose numbers based upon the age differences of their kids or ages of their children at the time of drawing.  Some other examples of patterns are choosing numbers 7 digits apart of the 7th of the month...7,14, 21, 28, etc.

4. INSTANT INSPIRATION - The "instant inspiration" numbers are the ones that hit us when we are driving or at home doing nothing.  When driving they are found looking at a gas prices, a billboard, or taken from a song on the radio. At home, an instant inspiration from a child, friend or even a TV commercial.  It's a weird feeling that comes over a player to think that it is information given to them by a "higher source" to bring them a lottery win.

5. FORTUNE COOKIES - I've played fortune cookie numbers before have not won.  I don't know anybody who has won with these numbers. However, I would hate to discourage someone to go for it if they feel the numbers are lucky.


The big question - take the lump sum or get paid for thirty years...

  • Lump sum: $500 million or so is your take home after taxes. That's right Uncle Sam takes about $113 million when you choose this option. There's also a 37% top marginal tax rate which translates to more money owed on April 15th. PRO: You can get all the money now and make money off the interest and investments. CON: Most of the people that lose all their lottery have taken the lump sum.
  • Annuity: You’ll get a nice big payment to start. Then,  29 annual payments that span the next 30 years. PRO: You have a security of getting something each year. CON: How healthy are you? LOL.

OK, if you win and this information helped - please contact me LOL...

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