It happens thousands and thousands of times each day, with no warning. It can happen to anybody. Phone scams. They're no joke and they're on the rise. Maybe someone you know has been scammed. Those creepy scammers are out there getting craftier and craftier and they're trying to work you over for money, private information, or worse. They're indeed pesky and it seems like they never let up.

Who's being targeted? Literally everybody. Phone scams are on the rise all over the nation and the same thing goes for Texas according to the Tyler Morning Telegraph. As a matter of fact, Texas seems to be a highly targeted state as 4 of the cities in the top 10 are located in the Lone Star State. It hits close to home. Even living in Abilene, I've been targeting before. The main thing is making sure you have the knowledge and are prepared. But, more on that later.

But which cities are the most targeted? A recent report from First Orion uncovered the most sought-after cities in the US and yes, Texas cities are on there 4 times. Is Abilene one of them? Keep scrolling to find out.

Look: Phone Scammers Target These 10 US Cities and 4 are in Texas

It's just nuts when you stand back and look at all the scams out there. As you see, the southern cities are big targets out of the entire nation with Texas definitely being a hotbed. What's more, these are the types of scams these crooks tried pulling off including:

  • Warranty Scams (Health and Auto)
  • Financial Service Scams
  • Healthcare Scams
  • Government Scams
  • Insurance Scams

The bad guys know what's vulnerable and that's what they focus on. The difference is being prepared. Great tips can be found on protecting you and your family from these scams.

These illegal scams are crimes and crime unfortunately is everywhere. But, knowledge truly is power. Keep scrolling to discover other crime statistics all over Texas including Abilene.

Texas Crime Statistics By City

Check to see how crime compares in your city versus elsewhere.

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