I remember a two first person shooters growing up. One was Doom, which I had. The other, was Wolfenstein, which my friend had. Well, this is all about a new Wolfenstein game and how apparently being anti-Nazi isn't an obvious good thing.

Here is the Twitter ad promoting the game that caused all the uproar.


Well, here are a few responses to this trailer for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Of course, some of the responses like this can be attributed to people being trolls, because, well, we certainly see our fair share of trolls. But unfortunately, I do think that some of these are actual, legitimate responses to people who somehow have forgotten that the Nazis are bad.

Yeah, I said it. If you'd like to complain about me making that statement, send me an email: brandon@buzzadamsshow.com

I'll say it again, NAZIS ARE BAD. If you don't know this and somehow don't think you're a dumpster of a human being, you are the worst of the worst.

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