With the Sept. 9 release date of their latest album Cold World quickly approaching, Of Mice & Men have released another track from the disc. Listen to “Contagious” above.

The song is classic Of Mice & Men with both pummeling aggression and memorable melodies. It starts with an electronic flair before the intensity kicks in. Austin Carlile delivers biting harsh vocals along with melodic singing and a chorus that lives up to the name “Contagious.”

Of Mice & Men's Cold World album will arrive on Sept. 9, but you can already pre-order the disc via Amazon and iTunes.

Carlile was recently baptized. On Instagram he posted, “This past Sunday (July 3) I was finally baptized, after taking 28 years to realize God’s work playing out in my life and that I had to get out of the middle of the road and fully follow Him. Trying to do things my own way completely left me stranded. Relying on my own perseverance and strength was not enough. His grace has been overwhelming, and with every obstacle I’ve faced I’m proud to say my hope through HIM is what has pushed me to continue on, and to keep fighting. Through His grace I AM enough, and hope my life and fight can reflect just that to others.”

In September Of Mice & Men will be playing some festivals along with four special album release shows in Los Angeles, New York, Cincinnati and New Orleans where they’ll play Cold World in its entirety. They also have a European tour and Australian shows coming up. For their complete tour schedule, go here.

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