News recently broke that the FBI was able to hack into the San Bernardino shooter's phone on their own, without the help from Apple. But that's not what this is about. Save that discussion for another time.

This is about the video that I've been seeing a lot on social media about an easy iPhone hack. Accompanying this video are comments by the person posting it like "Why didn't the FBI just do this?!" or "So simple! Why did the FBI need to wait for Apple?!"

Here is the video. I"ll explain below what's wrong with this video.

Looks pretty easy, right? Well, of course it looks easy. They unlock the phone with their thumb print at the very beginning. And you have to remember, SoFlo is the same account that said you could charge your phone by putting it in the microwave.

Sp please, when things like this pop up on the Internet, question it before sharing it.

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