Week 2 wraps up tonight with a Super Bowl III rematch.

All this season the NFL is honoring the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl by highlighting Super Bowl rematches all season long. This week it is the Super Bowl III rematch of the Jets and Colts, but this time the Jets do not have Joe Namath making his legendary guarantee that eventually came true, and the Colts are no longer in Baltimore with Johnny Unitas as their starting quarterback even though Unitas did not start in Super Bowl III due to injury.

This matchup is however has the most rematches of any other Super Bowl matchup because the Colts moved into the AFC East division with the Jets two seasons after the Super Bowl to even out divisions with the merge of the NFL and AFL in 1970. That means the Jets and Colts met each other twice a year (minus the strike shortened 1982 season) until the Colts moved into the AFC South with the NFL's division realignment in 2002.

NY Jets (1-0) @ Indianapolis (0-1) - Indianapolis leads regular season series 40-27, NY Jets lead post-season series 3-1. New York has won the last 3 out of 4 meetings dating back to 2009. Indianapolis' win was in the 2009 AFC Championship where they won 30-17.


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