New Mexico wins and Texas loses in a political stunt that backfired.

If you're not aware, Texas Governor Greg Abbott purposely held up legal border crossings to make some kind of the point which I'm not sure was ever really revealed. Something about illegal immigrants and drugs, although none were found during these enhanced inspections.

According to experts, the slowdown cost the Texas economy billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs. It really may have been one of the stupidest political moves ever made even though it's buried from the headlines due to Gov. Abbott's popularity among the "you sure showed them" crowd.

These slowdowns also resulted in food rotting in the trucks and strained relations with Mexico. It's easy as a Texan to think our business with Mexico isn't that big of a deal, but that's because big numbers are hard to process. The amount we trade with Mexico is estimated to be $350 billion. That's $350,000,000,000 -- the cost of about 3,000 fighter jets or almost seven and a half million cars. To say $350 billion is unfathomable is really an understatement.

Upset with Texas' governor, Mexico decided to build its new trade route through New Mexico instead of Texas. Why this story is not the headline every single day in Texas is insanity. This may not break us, but it will affect the Texas economy probably forever.

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Things just got worse, too. I-27 is now expected to be extended from northern New Mexico to Texas. Having this highway means there will be less reason for Mexico to backtrack on its decision to skip Texas. Simply put, goods will be shipped to New Mexico and incur various charges before they make their way to the Lone Star State.

It's time to change out all of the people responsible for this epic fail. I'm sure some people will never change political parties, but let's at least change people in those parties.

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