A new execution date has been set for a Whitehouse, Texas man who'd been convicted of killing his 62-year-old mother, Carolyn "Callie" Click, by strangling in July of 2003.

However, this isn't the first date of execution that had been set for 59-year-old Tracy Lane Beatty. After being convicted in 2004, Beatty had initially been scheduled for execution on March 25, 2020, but had been given a stay of execution due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

KETK reported that "the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals wrote at the time, that the decision to stay his execution was made solely due to the coronavirus, and not based on an appeal filed by Beatty regarding his case."

“We have determined that the execution should be stayed at the present time in light of the current health crisis and the enormous resources needed to address that emergency.”

~Texas Court of CriminaL Appeals

Smith County District Attorney Jacob Putman had opposed the stay of execution in 2020. He made the following statement:

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“There has been no evidence that the ‘enormous resources needed to address that emergency’ will also include the handful of TDCJ personnel who will carry out Beatty’s execution,”

Back when the 60-day stay of execution was given, Texas law says after that time a new date for execution must be scheduled. That date has been confirmed as November 9, 2022.


Another convicted killer, John Hummel, who'd received a death sentence for murdering his wife (who was pregnant at the time of her death), his father-in-law, and his 5-year-old little girl, always had his execution day postponed.

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**This story has been updated to reflect the current status of Melissa Lucio, who is scheduled to be executed on April 27th, 2022.**

**UPDATE 4/25/22: An appeals court has delayed the Texas execution of Melissa Lucio so a lower court can review her case.

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