Stranger Things creators came up with the idea to bring back "New Coke: as a way to promote the show but is this really going to work out the way they want?  New Coke was one of the biggest product fails ever back in the 80's.  When Coca-Cola released it with the intent of making this the new recipe for coke the product only stayed on the shelves for a matter of months before it had to pulled.  Now here comes this really good show that things they're gonna boost viewership and help with the launch of a product everyone already knows sucks? I am not on board to say the least.  Either way, they didn't ask me and they're taking the risk.  The New Coke will be featured in season 3 of Stranger Things which premiers on Netflix July 4th. Let's hope it doesn't infect one of the best shows on Netflix with all it's failyness.

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