Things you shouldn’t do when you’re naked- get drunk, bake cookies, use a George Foreman grill. One man from a very special state decided to throw caution to the wind and do all of the above at the exact same time. Firefighters in Niceville, Florida responded to reports of smoke coming from a home and when they knocked on the door were shocked to see a naked man in front of them. The man simply told officers, “I’m sorry,” before shutting the door to the home. Police officers were then called and they got the man to open the door before leaving it ajar and stumbled back into the home. Inside the home, there was smoke filling up the house from various items on fire, including several towels. The man was oblivious to the smoldering items inside his home.

Police removed the man from the home so firefighters could put up the items on fire in the home and find the cause. When questioned, he told police he’d been drinking since 9 am, downing 2 liters of vodka and smoking pot. Heavily intoxicated and probably super high as well, he decided he was getting the munchies and decided to make some cookies. Instead of making them in the oven, which is what you usually use for baked goods, he whipped out his handy George Foreman grill. He proceeded to forget about them which is when they caught fire. The next logical step was to grab some nearby dry towels to cover the flames, which caused even more smoke in the home. Firefighters told the local media if he would have stayed in the home any longer he would have died from smoke inhalation. He was checked out by medical personnel and the charges against him haven’t been released yet.

In case you were wondering, there is a way for you to make cookies on George Foreman grill! All you have to do is put down aluminum foil on the device’s hot plate, although some newer models of George Foreman grills come with a baking sheet attachment for this purpose. Safe to say, Joanna and I will be trying to make some cookies later today on our George Foreman grill.

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