What better way to use a blog than to introduce yourself to perfect strangers?  Anyway here goes, no Muttley is not my real name and yes I did change it for radio, this way any of the less stabile have a harder time finding me!  I actually came up with the name from the Dick Dastardly cartoon, for some that meant NOTHING!

So I won't bore you with my entire life just the highlights seem appropriate.  So I haven't been a saint nor have I been a sinner my entire life, I fall somewhere in between at times.  I would like to think that I am a good friend to the small group that I call friends.

I have a wonderful, understanding spouse whom I can't believe has tolerated my ten year old mentality for as long as she has, I have a sister and my parents never divorced.  I grew up in the Midwest in a suburb of Kansas City, KS and am just an average joe who has a unique job!

Now onto to the radio part of my life I have been in the business for nearly twenty years and have done every format you can think of and in all parts of the country, but of course rock is my passion, it has been ever since my dad played me my first Moody Blues album and from there it was all things rock.  For me it's as much a hobby as a career, I would be involved in some way with rock no matter what!  I will always be listener until the day I die!

So I hope this gives you a little insight on me and to whom I am!  But if you have questions please ask!