We already know Motley Crue's upcoming Netflix biopic The Dirt is supposedly going to be very honest and true to the story of the band, as confirmed by bassist Nikki Sixx. But just how honest is honest? Ultimate Classic Rock recently took a look at the trailer for the film and broke it down scene by scene to explain just how historically accurate the near-three-minute preview is. Watch the video above.

Based on the accuracy of the trailer, the movie is going to tell the same story the book does. This has caused some recent controversy, as Nikki Sixx denied a sexual assault story included in the book. "I have no clue why its in there other than I was outta my head and it’s possibly greatly embellished or [I] made it up. Those words were irresponsible on my part. I am sorry. There is a lot of horrible behavior in the book. What I can tell you is that we all lived to regret a lot and learned from it," Sixx plead to Rolling Stone.

Despite the huge success of the recent Queen film Bohemian Rhapsodymany reviews of the film cited how inaccurately embellished some of the scenes were. If you've read The Dirt, you won't be in for much of a shock when watching the film. But for those who haven't...buckle up.

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