It's episode 2 of our D&D campaign taking place in a post-apocalyptic West Texas. It's 'Legends of Concordia'! This episode:

  • We join our heroes as they research the ghostly figure that has been capturing children.
  • They are told they need to find a man by the name of Lothar, who is a Necromancer. He can help the group figure out what to do with the ghostly woman.
  • We find out that Joanna the Brick runs a brothel called "The Nappy Dugout", which is a place Lothar frequents.
  • In the process of located Lothar, the group battles some half-orcs from Bonar's village.
  • After much research, the group heads to the river to find clues about the woman.
  • The group saves 10 children and then wait to see who will show up at a near by campsite.
  • A man shows up and they do battle. The group defeats the man and take him back to Segundo, where this quest to find the children began.

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