We started the hashtag last week, and people are STILL letting us know what the real dangers in the Sun City are. After last week's State of the Union address, many Borderland resident were infuriated by the comments made by the President that El Paso was a dangerous city before the border wall was erected. While some voiced their anger, others used the conversation mas a point to poke fun at the President and his lack of knowledge of the city of El Paso and its history. Many told us how they believed the dangerous parts of EP were actually the Cielo Vista Mall parking lot during Christmas, the checkout line at Ross on Sunday, El Cometa past 2 a.m. and more. When the conversation between people in the community could have become a negative and angry one, some made it a humorous one. Joanna and I began discussing after the show what we believed were the most dangerous things about the city and others on social media began throwing out their own opinions on what they believe were the most dangerous parts. Check out more, new tweets of people discussing what the most dangerous part of El Paso is. You can also join the conversation online by using the hashtag #MostDangerousPartOfElPaso or #TheMostDangerousPartOfElPaso.

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