What a week to have our first MMA Talk. Even though it's boxing and not MMA, the Canelo/GGG fight got cancelled. And then the debacle that UFC 223 turned into, including all the Conor McGregor crap.

We cover all of this with Wreck-It Randy McCarty and Isaac Nanez.

Wreck-It Randy is a local fighter who recently signed a contract with American Fight League and trains out of Gorilla MMA.

Isaac is the owner/operator/trainer/coach/all around everything at Gorilla MMA.

And I do have to say I apologize for the audio issues at the beginning. Someone changed the f***ing settings in the green room and the mic was turned on. Thanks to the chatters for giving us a quick heads up there was no sound. And then when I turned it on, it was turned up too damn high. But we fixed it, just in time. Make sure to subscribe so you can get updates on when we're going live with this and other videos on our YouTube channel.

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