One of the worst feelings in the world is being robbed, even if it is something small. No one wants to walk out to their car and find out that it has been broken into and no one definitely wants to come home to find their house has been broken into.

When I was about 22, I had gone out to a bar one night and I remember walking out to my car and seeing a bunch of glass on the ground and thinking someone had gotten their car broken into. I got into my car and looked at the passenger window, and it had been busted. It was my car that was broken into and my purse had been stolen.  I was sick, so I can only imagine what this man felt like.

A local small business owner arrived at his residence in Gardendale to find he had been robbed. In the words of beloved former Crime Stoppers spokesman Ray Weatherby, "these scum bags" made off with quite the loot. Thousands of dollars worth of loot.

Some of the items stolen were sixteen firearms, a large amount of ammunition, and a safe. These criminals were very determined to steal a safe that weighed thousands of pounds. Other miscellaneous items were also taken.

This crime was obviously not a quick grab-and-go. These individuals were in the residence for some time to be able to move all of these items.

If you have any information that leads to the return of these items, this man is offering a $10,000 reward.

Let's help this guy out and get his stuff back. If you have any information please call the Midland County Sherrif's Department at (432) 688-4600. If this was your stuff you would want someone to help you out.

$10,000 reward Midland/Odessa‼️‼️ To whoever brings my guns and various other items back. If you’re smart you will put everything back on my porch by time I’m done with work today
“you know who you are” and I know you will see this!  Just go ahead and bring all that stuff back before you get in trouble with guns I don’t recommend getting caught with! 
He just wants his property back.
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