You either hate it or love it. Is there even a middle ground on egg nog?  I recently read that more people HATE egg nog than like it. I love egg nog. And, I wonder if it's because I was introduced to it at an early age in life. But, I do know that I'm usually in the minority when it comes to liking egg nog.

51 Percent Of People DO NOT Like Egg Nog!

I'm really surprised that it isn't more. And, I'm sure it is. 51 percent seems like a conservative answer. I literally have asked 10 people if they like it and only 3 said yes.

Do People Who Don't Like EggNog Also Don't Like Eggs?

The answer to his is NO. There is no correlation but I have a theory.

I say that people who DO NOT like YOLK of eggs or more so their eggs cooked over easy or sunny side up are also those that do not like egg nog. Now, I don't know this for sure, but the people I have asked who do not like egg nog also prefer their eggs scrambled rather than with the YOLK intact. LOL Just a theory, By the way, I love egg nog and I love my eggs Over Easy with Yolk intact.

I Can't Find Egg Nog Shakes Around!

How do I know that more people hate egg nog than like it?  Because I can't find a place with egg nog shakes.  Why make them, when nobody will buy them. I get it.

Well, whether your Team EGG NOG or NOT, Cheers to you! And Merry Christmas!

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