The next time we see Memphis May Fire, the band will have a little different look. That's because the group are making a change in their lineup, bidding farewell to guitarist Anthony Sepe.

In a new posting, the band reveals that the move was made after heavy consideration and it appears to be one that was an amicable split, as the group thanked Sepe for his contributions, encouraged their fans to continue to follow his social media accounts and send their warmest regards to the guitarist, whom they will always consider family. Read their full posting below.

MMF Family:

We'd like to let you know that after heavy consideration, it's come time for Memphis May Fire & guitarist Anthony Sepe to part ways. Although change is never easy, it was determined to be best at this time & we have no doubt that Anthony will continue on in his creative endeavors. We'd like to thank him for everything he gave to this band & encourage you all to follow him on his various social accounts moving forward. We'll have further touring updates coming soon; but in the meantime, please everyone send Anthony your warmest regards. He'll always be family.


As you can see, the statement did not reveal who would be taking over Sepe's spot in the band. At present, there are no tour dates scheduled, giving the band an opportunity to make the change on their own schedule as opposed to having to make a move quickly in order to fulfill touring obligations. However, the revelation that more touring updates will be coming soon suggests that it won't be long until they have their lineup sorted out.

Sepe joined Memphis May Fire in 2012 as their rhythm guitarist, taking over after Ryan Bentley's second stint in the band. He appeared on the Challenger, Unconditional and This Light I Hold albums. Stay tuned for news on Memphis May Fire's next step.

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