If you watched the season 3 premier of Rick and Morty you may remember that Rick basically said his entire season arc was fueled by his need for more of McDonald's Szechuan Sauce. According to this article the cast and crew has already been sent tubs of the stuff. Originally made to promote the movie Mulan back in 1998 (I was still in high school). I'm not gonna lie and say I've been a Rick and Morty since day one, it was forced upon me (thank goodness) by my now fiance. Good thing he did too cause that shows f*ckn hilarious. I may not be a seasoned fan but I trust Rick and if he says it's good then it must be. So on October 7th when McDonald's brings it back in limited quantities starting at 2pm you best believe I'll be there! I hear they're giving away some limited-edition, hand numbered, screen print posters too... I'd say ya better get one cause they may be worth money some day but then the sad assortment of creepy Beanie Babies I had at the back of my closet may disagree.

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