Most people have had a boss that they really didn't like, and have dreamed of being able to do something to get even with them. This guy actually went through with it and he ended up going to jail because of it.

Hayden Vandiver stole his boss' 2012 Dodge truck and drove it into a creek and just left it there. He said he did that because his former boss loved it, even referring to it as his baby. Vandiver said that he did this because his former boss disrespects employees. 

This is something that some people who hate their boss dream of doing, but most people aren't dumb enough to actually go through with it. The crazy thing is that Vandiver doesn't seem sorry at all and he even kept smiling during his interviews from jail. If he is charged and sent to prison, his smile may change, but he probably achieved his goal of making his former boss really mad.