This man didn't beat up his brother as much as he meat him up.

Police in Muncie, Ind. recently arrested Rodney Gilliam, 49, after he stabbed his younger brother with a fork while they argued about a pot roast they each felt was his.

Well, at least there was a legitimate reason for getting violent, right?

Victim Randy Gilliam, who suffered a hurt lip, swollen eye and several stitches on his head, maintains a very casual attitude about the ridiculous matter. "One thing led to another, I feel so bad about it, but it happens," he said. "We’re family."

"It happens?" Really? Maybe if you're auditioning to be on Cops, but no self-respecting person could ever possibly allow this to "happen."

Randy explained exactly how the bruhaha over a pot roast began. "I had one de-thawing and I thought it was the one and it wasn’t and all he probably had to do was open the refrigerator and tell me it was there and it would’ve been squashed." Unfortunately, these Emerils-in-training decided to get physical instead of working out their differences like normal pot roast-loving folks.

Randy also thinks the whole matter is not a big deal. He said, "A family squabble, I mean, like I said I’m sorry he’s going to jail for it. I don’t want to see him do that but I guess, you know, you shouldn’t stab me."

Yeah, especially with a fork that you need to chow down on what is apparently the most delicious pot roast in history. Hopefully, they had extra silverware or a whole other brawl may have broken out.

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