Oh no! My diamond shoes are too tight, I've lost so much weight my pants don't fit, and they don't make condoms large enough for my huge penis! Sounds like a real rough day, huh? How about we throw this in there... "I don't have room for all this money the ATM keeps giving me."

That last one actually happened to a guy in Florida. I've used an ATM more times in my life than I can count. And every time I withdraw money, I count it, hoping that maybe it screwed up and threw in an extra $20. So far, no luck. But a guy in Florida had an ATM that was giving him too much money, which upset him, for some reason.

Michael Oleksik, a 23 year old in Cocoa, FL, was charged with criminal mischief after the cops were called to a Wells Fargo because someone was damaging the ATM. Oleksik actually called the bank apologized for his actions, saying he was in a hurry to get to work but the ATM “was giving him too much money and he did not know what to do."

I'm not sure how much extra money the ATM had given Oleksik, but he was booked on $2000 bond, and did about $5000 in damage to the ATM.

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