When you're making travel plans and are wanting to book an Airbnb to stay at instead of a hotel, take a look at the OMG! section of airbnb.com. There you will find some of the unusual stays you can book in Texas and beyond. I'm not looking for any vacation rentals right now but did want to check out that section just to see some of the unusual bookings available right now. I found this one in Austin, Texas that, believe it or not, gives you a luxury redneck stay.

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Girlfriend Would Give Me the Side Eye...at First

If I told my girlfriend we'd be staying in a single wide trailer for our vacation, she'd certainly raise an eyebrow then give me "the face." She's more of a let's stay in a hotel kind of girl. However, after I show her the pictures of this particular Austin Airbnb, she'd be all for it.

The Austin LoveStream Airbnb

Its a 1971 Airstream trailer that's been redone and sits on a nice flat. I like the front porch with the hot tub next to it. With the privacy fence surrounding the area, I'm thinking a nice romantic night could be had for any couple. The stock tank pool is a nice touch, too. So is the air conditioning.

Guest Reviews

When looking at reviews, the overall experience is positive minus a couple of nit picks that are addressed by the owner. With 175 reviews, which is a good number for an Airbnb, The Austin LoveStream has a 4.91 out of 5 rating, which is great. Take a short virtual tour of the rental below and book a stay at airbnb.com if you like what you see.

The Austin LoveStream Airbnb

You wouldn't think you could stay in luxury in a single wide trailer but you can at this Airbnb in Austin.

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