If you are someone like myself who commutes daily, it is a must to find something to occupy your time. No, I'm not saying start a full-on text convo with your bestie to catch up on the latest chisme, and I personally hate talking on the phone, so that ain't happening but you can listen to music or these days podcasts have become increasingly more popular. 

I do both. If I'm not blaring my favorite long drive playlist, you can bet I'm listening to my favorite podcast(s). I have several. But I'm definitely not your sports, news or politics girl. I am all about true crime. It is a sick obsession and I am not ashamed to admit it. Think of it like this, it is basically Snapped, Dateline or 20/20 but on your phone!

I am simply listening to all of these stories of jilted lovers, murder for hire, missing stories that you would normally watch on the Investigation Discovery channel. (oooh do they have a podcast? Making mental note to find out.)


*My Favorite Murder by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark-if you want a true-crime podcast told by your besties this is the one for you. They are my kind of people. Telling it like it is, voicing their personal opinions about these outrageous stories and cussing up a storm. Check out a new 30-minute 'minisode' every Monday and a full episode every Thursday.

Crime Junkie by Ashley Flowers and her best friend Britt-a clean true-crime podcast that will have your attention from beginning to end. The way they tell the stories will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

Moms and Murder with friends Mandy and Melissa-these 2 lovely ladies from Florida get straight to the point without a lot of unnecessary chatter. It's what I picture having a podcast myself would be like. Just telling the stories along with another true crime fanatic.

If you have any favorite true crime podcasts you think I would enjoy, please do share.

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