If you haven't been watching the current season of the Netflix Series Love Is Blind you have really been missing out. They ask people to get engaged after just 10 days in the "pods" getting to know each other.

For a Texan like me, Season 3 has really piqued my interest. That is because the entire cast is from Dallas.

The show just wouldn't work if they weren't all from the same area. Kind of like "Married At First Sight", the producers are trying to give these relationships the best chance by avoiding any long-distance relationship issues.

Reality Shows Filmed In Texas Are Just Better

We already got a magic moment from Season 3 when Dallas wildlife photographer,Andrew Y. Liu, made some fake drama by using eye drops to simulate tears. The producers must not have liked him very much because they left the entire thing in the show.

Bartise is now getting all the shade thrown at him after Love Is Blind Season 3. He totally deserves it.

Married At First Sight Season 7 Was Also In Dallas, Texas

More and more of these types of reality shows are ending up in the Lone Star State. “Married at First Sight" has been in Texas many times. Season 7 was in Dallas and Season 13 in 2021 was in Houston.

The first and perhaps only season of The Ultimatum, also with Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey, was filmed in Austin back in 2021. The first week of the show was very obviously filmed at the Marriot Downtown, and the rest was at Aloft, also in Austin.

I think that more shows were being produced here during the pandemic because Texas had less stringent restrictions during COVID compared to other states. Then they found it was a gold mine of characters, and we are here for it.

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Even though Love Is Blind season 3 just came out, they have already started filming Season 4 of the program. This time it will be singles from Seattle. This seems to be the formula to make sure the new cast isn't tainted by the previous season.



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