Kanye West has long used religion and religious imagery in his music from "Jesus Walks" to "I Am a God" all the way up to his most recent release, The Life of Pablo, which among other historical figures, evokes Saint Paul. Now, a church in London is using Kanye himself for religious inspiration, displaying some of the rapper's lyrics as a piece of daily spiritual motivation.

Posted to Facebook by Elliott Walsh, the above photo shows St. Andrews Church, a church in Hornchurch, London, using a line from Kanye and Paul McCartney's "Only One," a 2014 song that Kanye penned from the perspective of his late mother. "You're not perfect, but you're not your mistakes," the sign reads. Considering Kanye's regal collaborator, the song is a prime choice for the London church, but it raises the question of how far deep into Yeezy's catalog they're able and willing to go.

"I'm not really a religious man but i always look forward to the messages the priest leaves me at my local church, they are always a bit unchurchy and unpreachy," Walsh wrote. It's a sentiment that is easy to get behind, and if Pablo's gospel themes are any indication, it is likely one that Kanye would support as well.

Check out the St. Andrews Church display above and wonder as we are whether there's a position available to comb through Kanye's most biblical lyrics.

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