Fast ER Care is a full-service emergency room located at MMH West Campus in Midland, Texas. Our experienced team of physicians believe in working with patients to maintain and improve their health.

Traditional emergency room experiences include overcrowded waiting rooms and long waits. At Fast ER Care, you can expect excellent emergency care without the wait. Our physicians strive to see patients within ten minutes and believe in providing comprehensive health care services to our patients in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Time Matters
When accidents occur there is no time to wait. Fast ER Care in Midland, Texas offers emergency care with on-site diagnostics and testing. If the physician who treats you at Fast ER Care orders x-rays, CT scans, ultrasound, and laboratory services or other tests, you can have them done on site with results before you leave.

Always Open
The physicians and staff at Fast ER Care available 24/7 at the MMH West Campus for illnesses and emergencies. Even if you have a more serious injury or a life-threatening condition — such as difficulty breathing, vomiting, chest pain, or a high fever, Fast ER Care is able to provide prompt, competent care.

Because We Are Local
After your visit to Fast ER Care, we will email or fax a full report to your primary care physician, should you need to contact your physician for follow up care.