Iconic band Living Colour took over the City Winery of New York City for a special “acoustic” set and as the vino flowed so did the tunes. Frontman Corey Glover donned a dim shade of green hair color for the show and the band as a whole kicked off the night with “Never Satisfied” and a fan favorite “Middle Man.”

They also delivered a powerful tribute to Prince and performed a rendition of “17 Days.” Another cover they cranked out was “Preachin’ Blues” by Robert Johnson. Other Living Colour tracks that made it into the set included “Ignorance Is Bliss,” “Love Rears Its Ugly Head” and the very notable “Cult of Personality.” If Glover’s limitless voice doesn’t wow you enough, then the shredding madman on guitar Vernon Reid and his relentless riffage take it to the next level. A powerful bass solo provided by Doug Wimbish also got the crowd going and Will Calhoun on the drums is as versatile as percussionists come.

While the show was deemed as an acoustic one, it wasn’t just about acoustics; it was a concert with a less intense, sweaty vibe than Living Colour usually releases. Instead, the soulfulness soared and the stillness and composure of the songs were allowed to shine through. But make no mistake, the energy, fun and charisma were all there. At the end of the day when you see Living Colour live, you’re seeing four guys from New York who are genuinely friends jamming together onstage. With a career spanning three decades, whether they’re playing acoustic or electric, whether they’re calm, cool and collected or dialed up to 100 and delivering a sweat soaked performance, Living Colour are not to be missed when they come to town.

See photos from the band's acoustic performance at New York's City Winery in the gallery above.

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