With this date coming only once every 4 years, I was curious how many Basin moms gave birth today, giving their babies the most uncommon birth date of all time.

According to Static Brain Research Institute, only 0.27% of people have February 29th as their birthday.

That got me wondering how many ladies were giving birth today in the Permian Basin to add to that number, and thanks to the research department here at Townsquare Media Midland/Odessa, we found out there were 8 confirmed births in all the hospitals in Midland and Odessa with another 6 mothers currently in labor.

So by midnight we could have 12-14 new Permian Basin citizens that are in that 0.27% of people with February 29th as their birth date.

Good luck to the parents of those kids on figuring out when to celebrate their birthday in non leap years.