Lamb of God's Randy Blythe witnessed and was nearly involved in what looks like a pretty serious car accident over the weekend and is none too happy about it. The vocalist, who also is an accomplished photographer, took several photos from the crash and posted them on his Instagram account, all while calling out the driver who caused the accident for being distracted while driving.

According to Blythe's account, he and some friends were pulled off to the side of the road when the driver crashed into a slow-moving truck before eventually hitting the trailer that Blythe and his friends had at the side of the road.

Blythe reveals that he and his friends are all okay, but things could have been worse. "Listen to me, little girl: this is what you almost died in yesterday," states in his first photo posting. "This is what you almost killed me, my 2 friends, our dog, & another driver with. This is what you almost killed your 3 friends with. This is what you almost killed YOURSELF with. I sat parked on the side of the two-lane country road & I watched as you plowed into our chase vehicle's trailer- I saw your truck hit it & fly into the air. Like a slow-motion horror movie scene, you sprouted deadly wings & flew high into the air towards us before crashing onto the road a few feet away. You had hit another truck before you even crashed into our trailer. We were in the middle of nowhere, on wide-open road, with a clear view for miles. How did you not see us? How fast were you going to run into 2 vehicles & still fly into the air like that? We were stopped, & completely off the road, the other truck behind us that you hit was going maybe 3 mph, maximum. We were all aware of each other -- somehow, you were not."

Blythe says that he and his friends ran to the flipped vehicle and watched as the bloody passengers emerged. The singer also reveals that had he and his friends not been outside of the trailer at the time of the accident, they too would have needed medical attention.

In his posts, Blythe revealed that the driver and passengers were taken away in an ambulance, while the tow truck took away the damaged vehicle. The driver of the truck that was hit was able to get a changed tired and left, while Blythe and his friends had to get a brand new trailer hitch before they could leave. "Thank God they are still alive, thank God we are still alive," said Blythe, questioning the girl's excuse that her brakes went out when there were skid marks on the road. He questioned whether she was on her phone, drunk, high or just not paying attention.

He concluded by addressing the driver, "I was just like you once, careless & irresponsible, & I am so lucky I never wrecked- UNBELIEVABLY LUCKY. My luck ran strong, but I changed my ways before it RAN OUT. You were lucky today, too- you are alive, & so are we. You almost died yesterday, & you almost killed us, too. So pay attention to what I am trying to tell you -- PAY ATTENTION TO ME, LITTLE GIRL. Do you understand what I am trying to say to you? You got a second chance, just like I did -- I suggest you take it." See Blythe's postings from the crash below.

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