If you're not familiar with KXM yet, you're certainly familiar with the band's members. The power trio is comprised of members of Korn (Ray Luzier), Dokken (George Lynch) and King's X (dUg Pinnick) and are set to release their sophomore record, Scatterbrain, on March 17 via Rat Pak Records. With the title track already out for consumption, dive further into the band's sonic palette with the music video for "Breakout."

It's fascinating to see how these members, who all come from very different schools of rock / metal, gel together, each bringing their own recognizable styles to "Breakout." Luzier's groove-oriented drumming is a perfect anchor for Lynch's lumbering rhythms that bounce back and forth with dreary, sustained chords revealing subtle melodies to counter the heavier moments of the track. Meanwhile, Pinnick's soulful delivery and artful bass lines tie everything together and we find ourselves returning to the often overused term "supergroup," but here, it's hard not to!

“We wanted to use the same formula as the first KXM record: book studio time, come in fresh every day with a new idea & run with it and not over think anything,” said Luzier when discussing how Scatterbrain came together. Lynch echoed these sentiments, adding, “We showed up in the studio, camped out with a bunch of gear and let the tape roll! Just like the first album, no pre-production, no rehearsal, no pre-written songs.”

Fans can place their pre-orders for Scatterbrain at Amazon or digitally through iTunes. All digital pre-orders come with instant gratification downloads of both "Breakout" and the title track.

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