It's been a busy few years for Dr. Ken Jeong, who still holds a legit medical license in California despite his flourishing comedy career.

Ken, whose career in the entertainment industry really took off after being cast as Leslie Chow in The Hangover said that prior to being cast in the movie, he was doing comedy part-time and still practicing medicine.

He's since devoted his career full-time to comedy, despite still being licensed in California to practice medicine, although he shied away from Buzz's question about whether he'd perform a tracheotomy with a pen and straw in an emergency.

Ken also talked about his time on Community, and discussed the rallying cry of fans who have been saying "Six seasons and a movie." While Jeong wouldn't confirm that a Community movie is in the works, he did say it's not out of the question and that he has faith it will happen.

Here Ken talk about what's next, and more in his interview with the Buzz Adams Morning Show:

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