Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" album is celebrating its 36th anniversary today. It was released March 3, 1986, and was their 3rd studio album; but the first one on Elektra records... It was also their first album to be certified gold by the RIAA. It was also the third and final album featuring bassist Cliff Burton. So many kick-ass songs on this album. Of course the title song, but "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)", and more...The band played Ector County Coliseum on their Damage, Inc tour in support of the album on June 7th, 1986 as they were on a break from touring with Ozzy. Were YOU there? "The Godz" opened the show that night. I was a Junior in high school in Chicago at the time so I wasn't there but I heard it was an incredible night and a fantastic show.

To celebrate one of the best albums and mark the anniversary here's YOUR chance to win:


Comment below and tell us if you were there at the show and/or why you love Metallica-and we'll pick 8 random comments to win the "S&M2 Metallica & San Francisco Symphony" box set that includes 2 CDs and DVD  with over 2 hours of music!

I'll always remember being in High School when they really hit it big with Master Of Puppets-so many of my friends who were much more talented and musically inclined than I was wanted to practice the music on guitar and play it themselves. They'd always talk about how complicated the songs were to play--and I was always like "Nope--just hit PLAY and turn it up!". Hence why I'm on the radio and was never in a band. :-)

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