In 1986, Judas Priest were on a certified hot streak after releasing Screaming for Vengeance and Defenders of the Faith, following up the pair of legendary heavy metal albums with the defiantly different yet equally anthemic Turbo. The disc has been remastered and packaged with a two-disc live recording from the Kemper Arena in Kansas City as bonus content for a deluxe reissue coming out Feb. 3. In advance of the release, the Metal Gods have teamed with Loudwire for the premiere "Out in the Cold" from that very concert.

Looking back on the track, Priest said, "Utilizing the tones and textures of the latest guitar effects, 'Out in the Cold' heard Priest reinvent the classic heavy metal ballad. The haunting opening refrain leads into a passionate empathy of lost love, building a forceful tempo that lifts the dynamics through to a wave-crashing conclusion."

Despite never being released as a single surrounding Turbo's release, "Out in the Cold" served as the show opener on the 'Fuel for Life' tour in support of the record. The Kansas City show bears a similar track listing to the iconic Priest... Live! album which came out the following year. The entire concert has been included in the three CD re-issue of Turbo, with tracks like the scorching "Locked In," the rock-steady "Desert Plains," the classic "Victim of Changes" and the band-defining "Hell Bent for Leather" among the songs appearing here which were stricken from the 1987 live album.

The remastered reissue of Turbo will also be available on a single 150 gram LP without the live recording. All pre-orders can be placed here, where fans can choose from over 10 different options with varying bundle packages.

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